Dear colleague,

Our tree nursery has been a family tradition for years.
Benoni Vanderstuyft, the founder of the current tree nursery since 1952.
Mainly rose bushes and fruit trees were grown on an area of 5 ha (about 12 acres).
Sales were made only on the local Belgian market.

25 years later, the switch was made to avenue and park trees. Soon, at the initiative of son Roger, outlets were sought in the surrounding countries.
The company, father and son, was ready to expand. Additional staff were recruited, and the surface increased to 25 ha (nearly 62 acres).

In order to become better known in the plant world, from 1987, a more commercial name was adopted, which had a botanical significance and which could be pronounced and remembered the world over. This is how the name “Aarbomex” originated.

Meanwhile, in addition to avenue trees, other ornamental plants and conifers were being grown and the arboreal area was soon 45 ha (over 110 acres).
The number of employees increased, machines were purchased and logistical support was introduced.
Our trees, conifers and ornamental plants were exported to all European countries.

In the 2000s, Aarbomex also added the Eastern European countries as a further potential market and to this day we are among the leading exporters of trees and ornamental plants.
Our customer base consists of nurseries, garden centres and landscapers.

From a supply of 60 ha (nearly 150 acres of avenue trees, ornamental plants and conifers), the “Aarbomex Export Group” sells to more than 30 countries in Western and Eastern Europe and Asia.

The current manager of the “Aarbomex Export Group” is Roger Vanderstuyft.


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